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Article “What Did You *Think* They Do With Your Data?” state's right out of the gate that AccuWeather apps have been using their user personal information with a third party for a profit. The app was able to locate where the anonymized users were generally located. Even the users who said no to location-based data. Then it goes on how you use your data for free email, weather, Instagram, Facebook. The article goes on how the app kinda of did it legally but in the process still broke a couple of laws. Later in the article says how the AccuWeather app should ask if you want your location on instead of finding a loophole.

Article “For $1000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use,” says that some burglar or hacker can send you an ad for the app. Later the ad can send back we you leave the house or go somewhere new. As well as when you are on the app. The University of Washington Research states they yes it could happen but fo…

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Homework Go to bathroom sink  Grab toothpaste Take cap off toothpaste When cap is off Set cap on counter Lift toothbrush out of holder Hold it horizontally to floor bristle up Squeeze toothpaste tube Let toothpaste flow onto toothbrush bristle Let toothpaste flow to pea size Once pea sized stop squeezing toothpaste tube Set down toothpaste tube on the counter Turn sink knob on Run toothbrush bristle under the water Wait two seconds Then turn sink knob off Put toothbrush bristle into mouth Once in mouth put bristle against teeth Brush all around Brush for 2 minutes Take toothbrush out of mouth Spit out toothpaste foam into center of sink   Turn Sink knob on Rinse toothbrush bristle under the water Turn Sink knob off Set down toothbrush on the counter Pick toothpaste tube up Grab toothpaste cap Put toothpaste cap back on toothpaste tube   Put away toothpaste tube and toothbrush in the holder